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2012-02-27 12:10 am

These will always be my favorite

Ongoing Arashi fic recs. The list is not finished yet.

I've been keeping this for months and I'm going to keep adding fics into this list later. You may want to bookmark this entry in case you need it. Is there any brilliant fic out there that is not in my list yet? I might have missed a few, considering the amount of fics ever published in this fandom, so please comment with your recommended fics, I welcome any suggestion!

Notes, summaries, and warnings were copied from the author themselves. I restrained listing too many fics from the same author or I'll end up recommending all of their works. If you see the same author's name over and over again, then they're my favorites and I urge you to check out their fic comms for more brilliantly-written stories~ 

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2012-02-27 12:08 am

because it is too much to be put in one entry

And the non-Arashi ones. Also ongoing. As you can tell, I haven't read much non-Arashi fics yet.

fic recs (non-Arashi) )